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When trying to attain a competitive edge, team dynamics, or how people work together, has become more critical than individual contribution by itelf. High performing teams build from a foundation of trust. This enables teams to empower each other, challenge the status quo, and co-create ideas that deliver their shared goals.

But how do you create a high performing team?

“Who is on a team matters less than how team members interact, structure their work, and view their contribution” – Laszlo Bock, Work Rules

I work with teams to identify shared goals, articulate the culture they want to cultivate, and build the trust and skills needed to improve team effectiveness. This starts by being clear on what the team would like to achieve and how that links to their overall purpose and desired outcomes. We work together to agree objectives and an approach to facilitate tangible change.

Each tailored intervention may include:

  • Team building workshops

  • Building awareness of self and others (psychometrics available)

  • Leadership development

  • Action learning

  • Group (or individual) coaching

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